Wedding Shoot with Rachael Wilson and Chad Husar!

I'm so excited to be able to finally share this! I had the chance this past summer to do a wedding shoot with the extremely talented Rachael Wilson. Check out some of the beautiful photos showing off her planning skills. I've said it before and I'm sticking to it... I've already put her down in my book as my future wedding planner when I find a toad to kiss and call a prince!

Filming the short film "Ariel"

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a short film this past February with Director Chris Ramirez and fellow actor Jesse C. Boyd along with a some other great names including the amazing Robert Patrick Stern and Sarah Sharp! I can't wait to see the journey that this gem of a story takes!

Photoshoot @ Phlearn with Rob Woodcox and Aaron Nace!

Hey everyone! Lately I've been blessed with opportunity after opportunity. Here is one that I'm extremely excited to share. These are the two final photos from a shoot I did at Phlearn Studio during a battle between Rob Woodcox (Left) and Aaron Nace (Right). Check out the behind the scenes video below to see how these images came to be!!!!

Model: Sarah Jane Murray of Grossman & Jack
Hair: Jamie Sterle
Makeup: Milian Bonillo
Production & Assistants: Kat Clear Effect Filipinas, Corey Jane Waldron, — with Corey Jane Waldron, Kat Clear Effect Filipinas, Sarah Jane Murray and Milian Bonillo.